Update #1 Complete!

Update #1 is complete! This Update was focused on several UI improvements.

What's New in 0.7.1:

  • New start screen
  • Easy mode added (more time to clock)
  • New UI/HUD layout
  • Can now also point and click on cards to highlight them (space bar to add)
  • Cards pop up a bit when highlighted
  • New card art
  • Card descriptions/explanations appear when you highlight a card
  • Can watch cards played out in queue as robot performs actions
  • Health value replaced with hearts in HUD
  • Timer replaced with battery level indicator
  • Hold C key on keyboard to move camera with mouse
  • Hotkeys cheat sheet appears in pause menu
  • Updated gameplay hints/tips (+can be toggled on/off in pause menu)
  • Enemy turn message will only show now when enemy is moving
  • Updated help screens
  • Game executable icon
  • Exit game prompt (are you sure? Y/N)

Bug Fixes:

  • Enemies were stealing and taking over the player character's space. 
  • A card would still appear red at start of next turn.
  • All cards were dim after opening deck editor, closing it, and then reopening deck editor. 
  • Thinking About Brains card was not always rendering properly when taking your turns.


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Feb 05, 2019

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