Update #2 Complete!

Update #2 is complete! This update was focused on custom decks, a new deck editor, and incorporating feedback.

What's New in Version 0.8:

  • Starter deck is now 26 cards.
  • New deck editor to view collection of unlocked cards.
  • Can unlock up to 3 custom, different-sized decks and 104 cards.
  • Deck editor shows progress toward next deck unlocking.
  • After third deck is unlocked,  it's possible to earn a second copy of each card, and the third deck allows you to have two of the same card to exist in same deck.
  • New, less confusing tiles. 1 move space = 1 ground tile.
  • Room exits have been made larger and are marked by torches.
  • New HUD element displays distance to nearest exit.
  • Minor tweaks to start screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Counter Attack so enemy becomes properly dead now.


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Apr 25, 2019

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